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For Project Managers, Lead Developers, and CTOs, Static Object provides an unparalleled degree of data-driven insight into the world of your engineers. Whether you want to know what's being worked on during a given hour, day, or year, we help you cut through gigabytes of commit data to quickly get answers to your most imperative questions.

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Manager high resolution
Learn which issues your team is working on at a per-hour, per-day, or per-year level of granularity.
Impact metrics new
Compare the impact of new Engineers to previous hires without waiting 6 months
Manager optimize delegation
Optimize issue assignment by learning which tasks can be handled most efficiently by each Engineer

Unlock the most potent version of your team:

  • Tune line impact measurement to correspond to your (or your CTOs) judgement regarding the types of changes that add the most value to your project
  • Intervene promptly if an Engineer's work pattern changes or stalls
  • Efficiently recall the past year's worth of an Engineer's achievements with our Annual Review page, showcasing the past year's highlights by month and in aggregate
  • Save time on standups with concisely crafted progress reports, delivered to your inbox

Bypass the busywork

For engineers, Static Object minimizes the chores that distract you from being engaged and productive. We reduce code to be reviewed in a pull request, cull noise from GitHub's diff viewer, and offer tools that help to prevent meetings by keeping managers in the loop without your intervention.

This leaves more time to do what matters: writing code.

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Commit review new
View diffs with numerous configuration options, enhanced by the best-available syntax highlighting
Engineer multiple repos
Easily follow work being done across multiple repositories or organizations
Engineer commit group
Understand changes more intuitively with consolidated commit groups

Maximize your GSD:

  • Turn on notifications when files or libraries you own get changed
  • Reinforce your case during annual review, with an overview of your greatest achievements over the past 12 months
  • Learn which days (e.g., those without meetings) and types of work (e.g., back-end, front-end) correspond with your highest efficiency
  • Earn recognition from management and peers for your unique contributions to the project
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Frequently asked questions

What is Static Object?

Static Object is Cliffs Notes™ for GitHub. We digest all your repository’s commits into a quantified data stream that lets managers and engineers get the gist of their code faster. For senior developers, we reduce tedious work to leave more time for coding. Summarize daily activity, recall important changes, and measure developer impact with Static Object.

Who is Static Object for?

Static Object is a tool for engineers and managers alike. We use a learning algorithm to selectively group commits, reducing the size of a diff by up to 50%. If you currently browse commits on GitHub or GitLab, you’ll do it faster on Static Object. Static Object provides a window through which a manager can observe the state of their dev team. Maybe you intervene to assist a developer who’s stuck, or maybe you just skip some daily standups. By listening to the needs of lead developers, we’ve built a dashboard of code metrics to help you make informed decisions supported by data.

How fast can I get an analysis?

Once you connect your GitHub or GitLab account, we immediately start importing and analyzing the data. Depending on the size of your repositories, this can take some time, but we start to show commits from newest to oldest so you can see the commits from today within minutes.

What setup is involved?

The quickest way to get started with Static Object is by logging in with your GitHub or GitLab account. After you sign in via your source control provider, you’ll automatically see repositories that you have admin access to. You can check whatever repositories you’d like to import. When we import your repositories, we start with the most recent commits first so you can immediately start to see Static Object at work.

What is Line Impact, and how does it work?

Line impact is a relative measure of commit value. We look at changes like additions, updates, and removals, and look at their relative impact together to quantify how meaningful the entire commit was. We take into consideration the typical performance of developers as individual contributors, as well as your dev team as a whole. However, you know your team best, so line impact scores can be altered by managers to best reflect performance when applicable.

Learn more about the factors that go into calculating Line Impact

Will Static Object change our workflow?

It doesn't have to, but it can. Unlike most tools, we analyze code by more than just additions and removals. We classify lines as they are updated, moved around, and have their whitespace changed. This gives you a clear idea of how files are changing without sifting through tons of code.

Where can I find information about Static Object’s subscriptions?
What languages is Static Object compatible with?

Static Object has the ability to analyze many popular coding languages:

  • C#
  • C++
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Rails templates (erb, haml)
  • Ruby

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How does Static Object handle data?
To learn more about how we keep your data safe, visit our security page.
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