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Counting lines of code: the article

Posted by Bill Harding at 11:12am on March 22, 2018
We recently published a "special feature" article by your friendly Founder/CEO Bill Harding, entitled Lines of Code Are Garbage, So Let's Go Dumpster Diving. It details the perils and opportunities wrapped up in trying to count lines of code to measure developer impact.  Stop by and take a look when you have a chance! We'd love to here what you think at We should probably implement comments on blog posts soon.
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Customizing Static Object to serve your business

Posted by Grace Bradford at 12:43pm on January 24, 2018
Insightful reports based on your team’s performance Monitoring your team’s performance is imperative to the success of your company, but it can be hard to find a “one size fits all” style of reporting that can accurately deem the performance of each programmer on your team. Static Object provides visibility into the sometimes murky world of coding and identifies high-level trends and behavior from the countless commits that go into a project. Static Object simplifies the process of following a task across developers, repos, and organizations, all while minimizing time spent reviewing code. Here are a few of our favorite...
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Change the way you review code with these 3 tools

Posted by Grace Bradford at 10:09am on November 9, 2017
Technical review is a part of every software development process. After a developer has finished with a task, it’s standard to have another developer or team lead review the code. This code review can be a long process, depending on the length of the code and the number of changes that were made. Although technical review is an integral part of the coding process, most developers would prefer to spend their time coding. This was one of the main reasons Static Object was created. By reducing the time it takes to review code, Static Object increases time available for...
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Look beyond code churn to minimize technical debt

Posted by Grace Bradford at 9:59am on November 3, 2017
How do you measure developer productivity? This question has troubled developers, team leads, managers, and C-Level executives for decades. Folks have tried everything from counting code to measuring product success, and from analyzing time spent to even using the Fibonacci sequence to forecast project size. In recent years, the popular claim is that code churn is the best metric to pay attention to. At Static Object, we believe these metrics aren’t an ideal way to measure developer productivity. So, you might be asking: if those metrics are flawed, then what should we be measuring? Good question. Let's explore deeper. The...
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