Visualizations are only as good as the data they rely upon

Hover on the table below to learn about the techniques Static Object utilizes to provide you with the most precise measurement of Line Impact. The four areas we use to calculate Line Impact are line-based, file-based, commit-based, and branch-based.

The darker the color, the greater the influence on Line Impact in an average repo.

If you're using code metrics that don't account for all the factors above, chances are high that the clarity (thus utility) of your data is being diluted -- by up to 97%.

If the calculation of your engineering metrics isn't transparent, ask why

Static Object provides a diff viewer dedicated to explaining exactly how Line Impact is derived from your repo's commits. We offer unprecedented transparency into our calculation, so you know what's being calculated and you know that it's consistent with your expectations.

Clarity of the Line Impact calculation is an essential element to help build trust among your engineers.