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Review Code Faster

Writing code is complex. Reviewing it doesn't have to be.
Simplify your software development process with Static Object.


Better code reviews

Code review on GitHub can be frustrating and inefficient. When commits feature overlapping lines that may have been added and later removed, it becomes tedious to identify changes that affect the final code. Static Object automatically groups relevant commits together so that managers and engineers can save time during code review.

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Smarter developer evaluation

Productivity can't be measured by simply counting lines of code. Static Object's Line Impact scoring reflects the value of code written. We look at the relative impact of additions, updates, and removals combined to quantify how meaningful a commit was. Understanding the value of each developer's contributions allows you to track their impact over time.

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Insightful productivity stats

It's easy quantify certain aspects of development, but defining the value of your team is tricky. Tools like GitStats offer some insight, but fall short when it comes to understanding a developer's contributions. Static Object uses Line Impact as the foundation for its analytics, giving you a reliable way to measure your team based on quality, not quantity.

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